Savitt Law Firm PLLC


The Savitt Law Firm PLLC is dedicated to representing clients in the field of Entertainment Law:  Film, Music, Publishing, Licensing. All aspects of Restaurant/Bar/Lounge Law, Intellectual Property, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Business/Contract Law, Criminal Law, Negligence, Personal Injury law and Immigration law.


We provide the best legal representation at a reasonable and affordable cost to our clients. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and legal standards and will always work diligently to protect our client’s interest. With over 20+ years of experience we have earned a strong reputation for negotiation, settlement and trial skills. We will always work in the client’s best interest and will never take short cuts.


Our lawyers prepare all cases as if they are going to trial and that ensures that we will receive the best offer of settlement on all of our cases.


We look forward to representing you or your company and will provide our best skills and efforts to make our representation successful for you.


--Richard P. Savitt